The Frontline Digest 
A Custom Teams App to Connect your
Frontline Workers

What is the Frontline Digest?  

Developed and designed by WM Reply, the core the Frontline Digest brings key information directly to your Frontline Workers in a tool and platform they are already using, the Microsoft Teams App.

The Frontline Digest in Action 
| What can it do?

The Frontline Digest brings your team all the information they need to know before starting their shift in a short, digestible format that is easily surfaced with 
the Teams app.

The Frontline Digest  | The Ultimate Productivity and Wellbeing App

Five key elements of a great employee experience
Personalized Digest
Save your time. Receive a personalized digest with important updates for you.
Push Notifications
Get a push notifications at the start of the activities.
Targeted News
Look through targeted headline news with acknowledgements.
Upcoming Tasks
Manage your upcoming tasks for the week in one place.
Weekly Schedule
Use weekly schedule in a short digest format

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